I had cause to write recently in an article entitled “Questions Must Be Asked” on problems within the security forces. It gave me great pain to do so. I am now forced to return to the subject. Once again, it pains me.

There has been a recent proliferation of allegations against the security forces of torture against persons in their custody. Despite credible reports and even photographs of the alleged victims published in the daily newspapers, there have been no published reports of investigations into these allegations. The result is that there is widespread suspicion that the security forces are engaged in the abuse of citizens, and now children. This is not good for Guyana because it discredits our country and people, painting all Guyanese as barbarians.

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‘The Public Option’ has become a popular phrase in the United States. It relates to the ongoing efforts of the Obama Administration and the Congress to reform health insurance. One of the proposals to keep the cost of health insurance competitive and prevent its escalation, estimated to double in eight years, is a “public option.” It involves the government offering health insurance to those who are interested in purchasing it. Because this would be a non-profit scheme which would require less overheads it would offer health insurance at cheaper rates and would prevent the insurance companies from unduly increasing prices.



Political alignments all over the world evolve over time. Guyanese of my generation and the preceding one believe that the period 1947 – 1953 marked the beginning of modern politics in Guyana. That period is nostalgic for those who were interested in or influenced by political events of that time and even in the 1960s when I became an adult. 



Many people, including me, go out of the way to defend the army and police. We do so because they have made demonstrable efforts to improve the quality of their work, to protect the citizens of Guyana and they lay their own lives on the line to do so. Only a few short years ago during the height of the crime wave after the February 2002 jailbreak, police were targeted by criminals. Many were killed leaving young families. The force did not falter. In the hunt for the serious criminals roaming our streets and killing at will, it was the joint services, army and police, who were in the forefront. The February 2002 band of killers were brought down, ending a nightmare of terror such as Guyana had never witnessed up to that time. When the Fineman gang surfaced, their heinous and mindless massacres surpassed the worst that the February 2002 killers perpetrated. It was the same joint services, army and police again, which diligently and urgently sought out them out and finally killed or captured most of them, thereby ending the most savage crime wave by the most brutal criminals ever to have surfaced in Guyana. These are not minor achievements.  

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