The PPP/C’s accepted defeat by 5,000 votes in 2015 and promptly departed from office, without a recount of votes in some challenged areas. It was generally believed that with a smooth political transition, the era of debilitating election controversies had come to an end and future results would be accepted, even if challenged in court, […]

Trumpism Triumphs

Over the past weeks in the US, liberals and progressives, and some conservatives, expectantly awaited the results of the elections for the complete demolition of Trump and Trumpism by the American electorate. Instead, Trumpism has triumphed with 47-48 percent support. The frightening prospect has emerged, together with a Republican majority in the Senate, that Trumpism, […]


Last Thursday, two elections petitions, which were filed shortly after the elections results were declared on August 2, were heard before the Chief Justice. The elections petitions were fixed for what is called a case management conference. This is a routine procedure in civil matters in the High Court. It is a preparatory stage to […]


At the 151t Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Friday last, President Irfaan Ali said: “The Republic of Guyana has just emerged from a bruising test of its democracy. My government is committed to strengthening the country’s democratic institutions and to insulating them from the threat of being undermined.”


Violence at election time or immediately thereafter in Guyana, though devastatingly painful, particularly to the victims, is nothing unusual. It gave rise in the past to a memorable phrase – “slo fyah, mo fyah,” the meaning of which speaks for itself and was manifested in the arson of Berbice homes and property in the streets […]